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What is your building project?

New Building

Do you have a section and are looking for the right house to build on?

Are you looking to build the right type of house which ticks all the boxes, like

Would you like to build a multimillion dollar looking house that is actually affordable?

Talk to us. We have the right house solution for your budget.

Renovation / Alteration

Do you have renovation plans e.g.

Have you alteration plans to

  • add a room or two with a proper integrated insulation
  • add a swimming pool?

We are happy to discuss your renovation and alteration plans with you and your architect to find solutions for your budget.

Our Services

truck image delivering Izodom building blocks

Supply and Distribution of Izodom Building material

We deliver Izodom Neopor and Peripor (polystyrene) blocks for building low-energy and passive houses

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architectural design plan image

Architectural and Engineering Design

We have our own team of specialist architects and engineers for the Izodom technology.

If you like to take your own architect and/or engineer, our team is happy to support them with all relevant questions.

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image of house built with Izodom building material

Building your House

We will build your dream house as far as you want us to do:

turn-key house building solutionWe offer the turn-key solution.
You decide every detail and we deliver the ready-made house and hand you the keys to move in.


watertight envelop house building solutionWe build the watertight envelop and the rest is up to you, your abilities and budget.

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project management and supervision image

Project management and supervision

Planning a new house step by step from site excavation to key handover.

We offer supervision of your house building contractors as well.

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image of preparing building consent

Preparation of Building Consent

Let us do all the paper work for you.

We know what documents your Council needs in order to get a building consent. Let us take the hussle away from you.

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image of a digger preparing the foundation of a new house

Earthworks and site planning

Earth movement, excavation and preparation for the foundation.

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Who are you?

DIY builder / future house owner

Our multimillion dollar looking houses cost a fraction of what you think.

We have a house design solution for every budget.

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We would like to cooperate with architects who are specialised in sustainable passive house design solutions.

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Property investor

The Izodom house building system is ideal for all property investors.

Isodom technology provides the fastes and most cost efficient way to build a quality passive house that benefits you and your tenants.

Izodom passive houses are durable, earthquake safe, low maintenance and with its energy efficiency it makes it more valuable for tenants to rent.

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Builder / Building supplier

We are always interested in cooperate with you.

For building suppliers we offer a range of renovation products to insulate roofs and facades.

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Advantages Of Our Technology