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Construction Speed - fastest building technology in New Zealand

Time is money, but never forget quality and durability.

The Izodom technology is the fastest, but at the same time the most durable low-energy technology.

What are the other factors that determine the quick construction in the Izodom system?

The idea behind the Izodom technology is fast erection of the form-work made of insulating elements to the entire height of the storey and then filling the form-work with pumped concrete.

The Izodom elements are large and light. The basic “brick” has a surface area of 0.5 m² and weighs 1.8 to 4.8 kg before concreting (depending on the element width). Pouring the wall with concrete, it is possible to finish 4.5 m² of wall (raw state) in an hour. This solution is 6 times faster in comparison to traditional post and beam structure and insulation of walls. It is obvious that when you pay for building the wall and then for insulating it, you pay twice.

Wood saw, spirit level and supports, which ensure formwork stiffness during the concreting and keep it in a vertical position, are the basic pieces of equipment used on site. When employing an experienced contractor or self-building a house under supervision of a specialized instructor, the durable and energy efficient building can be erected at an unheard-of speed.

This quick pace of construction is not achievable when other energy-efficient technologies are employed. A reduced construction time means not only lower labour costs, but also lower cost of credit or flat rental. In order to obtain the shell finish for a building, whose architecture is not much complicated, a moderately trained construction teams need 4 to 6 weeks to complete the work.
A building of any size
By selecting appropriate types of formwork elements, the type of concrete and reinforcement, the Izodom elements can be used to erect any type of building, such as multi-storey residential buildings, energy-efficient single-family houses, public access buildings, swimming pools, factory floors, utility buildings, cold stores, freezer rooms, etc.
While erecting very high buildings, the designer is only required to select a suitable type of concrete, reinforcement and elements with the core width sufficiently large to transfer all loads occurring in the structure being designed. The highest civil structures constructed using the Izodom technology include eleven-storey residential buildings.