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Energy efficiency - for low-energy and passive houses

Energy efficiency is the main advantage of our technology


Calculate the building erection costs and add the estimated 10-year heating costs and you will know that nothing beats the Izodom technology. The Izodom products comprise a set of specialized solutions with an aim to construct well-insulated underground parts of the building, outside walls, floor slabs and roofs.

(Passiv Haus Institut)

All elements, i.e. walls, the foundation slab and the roof slab in a facility built according to the Izodom technology combine with one another to create a continuous layer of thermal insulation with perfect fit.

This makes it possible to avoid thermal bridges, i.e. spots where cold and moisture may penetrate inside the house. Heat is encapsulated and accumulated inside the building. The main advantage of the technology is the obtained low energy consumption of the building; it can be higher even by 80%, compared to conventional technologies. The thicker the insulation layer, the lower the cost incurred for building heating. Therefore, taking future-oriented approach, it is worth investing in good insulation.

A ground slab is a modern solution which ensures perfect insulation and stability of the structures used in passive and low energy buildings.

Insulating floor moulded parts are a popular solution in the buildings where the floor slab needs to perform the insulating function (non-habitable attic, flat roof).

Izodom offers three wall systems of varying insulation properties and thickness of outside walls.