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Health & Climate

Our wellbeing is largely dependent on the number of air changes in the room, and consequently on suitable microclimate

Temperature, humidity and speed of the air flow are the parameters related not to the construction technology, but rather to well designed ventilation, suitably selected heat source, construction of the building according to the design, and attention to detail at the erection stage.

healthy climate
healthy climate hygienic
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The Izodom elements are made from EPS, Neopor and Peripor which are the varieties of foamed polystyrene. Due to hygienic parameters and cleanliness, this material is approved for contact with food. It is used to make cups for hot beverages, boxes for transporting frozen food, food trays, containers for seedlings. Foamed polystyrene is one of the best tested plastic materials. Not surprisingly, the Izodom construction materials have a favourable opinion from the National Institute of Hygiene. It is worth mentioning that the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital - Research Institute in Łódź, Poland used the EPS supplied by our company to fill special anti-decubitus mattresses for premature infants.

Interestingly enough, bees love living in modern, styrofoam hives: they are warm in winter, cool in summer and suitable microclimate ensures the wellbeing of these small and useful creatures.


Our house construction technology together with a matching ventilation and heating system creates an extremely healthy house microclimate. It is warm in the winter season and cool in the summer season with ideal humidity conditions inside.