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Izodom building elements and structures erected using the above are extremely durable. As long as the tiles are not exposed to the temperatures above 90°C and contact with organic solvents – they will remain an excellent insulator for years. The hollow blocks are resistant to frost, humidity, intensive sun radiation and salt. Since it is not an organic material any mildew and moulds cannot develop therein. Covering external walls with the finishing layer such as plaster, clinker, facade stoneware, suspended system facades prevents them from the presence of rodents and insects as well as makes the facade resistant to impacts while birds cannot damage the insulating layer.

It is worth noting that the research work of German scientists have revealed that concrete poured into the styrofoam hollow blocks maintain their mechanical properties much longer in comparison with the standard concrete structures. This results from the fact that the concrete load bearing wall is very well protected from weather conditions. The oldest buildings made in the permanent form-work technology are more than 60 years old and their structure as well as the insulating tiles do not reveal any visible signs of ageing.

Durability of the structure is estimated to exceed 150 years. With the right reinforcement, there can be constructed not only high buildings featuring several dozen or so storeys, but also structures in seismic zones or areas experiencing mine-related damage.

Solid buildings made in permanent form-work technology in the USA have obtained the hurricane proof certificate, since the massive concrete wall protects from the destroying activity of the hurricane a lot better than the standard technologies.