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Outside walls

To erect the walls, stack the IZODOM elements just like the Lego bricks

For outside walls, Izodom offers a wide range of forms with the concrete core thickness of 15 or 20 cm, and the insulation thickness of 10, 15, 20 or 30 cm. The elements are used to make the structure of the building and to insulate it. Depending on the chosen Izodom elements, you can get the outside walls with excellent thermal performance, even meeting the passive house requirements.

When you cut the elements to get the required length as per the design, use plugs to close the formwork and make the window and door opening at the same time. All elements are designed and made with the 5-cm module.

The elements are 2 m long, so the formwork is exceptionally rigid and stable. Special locks joining successive rows ensure a robust and tight connection. Unlike other similar systems, the Izodom elements do not require joining by means of mortar, adhesive or wire. And there is no problem with detaching rows of elements after concreting.

The Izodom elements have a 5-cm module, for height, length and width of the walls. This means that all dimensions must be divisible by 5. Irrespective of the thickness, all elements are 25-cm high. If you need to adjust the height, for instance of a window, use a 5-cm MH element, called the height adjuster. Vertical groves on the sides of the elements, spaced every 5 cm, facilitate cutting them to required length.

When the wall elements are stacked up to the storey height, the floor slab support is placed on the wall. The support has only the outside insulation layer and provides an excellent thermal insulation protecting the tie beam and the floor slab.

The 15-cm core elements require 128l of concrete for each square metre of the wall area, the 20-cm elements require 160l/m2.

Doors and windows:

The doorframes and window frames are installed in a similar manner - by fixing them with expansion bolts to the concrete core. Wooden keys allow installing the frame in a correct place. The gaps are filled with fitting foam. Please note that reveals are very well insulated and no freezing occurs around the opening.