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Services - Design | Building | Project management| Supervision| Earthworks| Site planning

truck image delivering Izodom building blocks

Supply and Distribution of Izodom Building material

We deliver Izodom Neopor and Peripor (polystyrene) blocks for building low-energy and passive houses.

Izodom New Zealand offers different distribution methods:

  • We deliver your complete order to the building site at once which gives you the flexibility to build whenever and as much as you like.
  • We store your Izodom house elements and deliver them to your building site when you need them in stages e.g. floor by floor.
image of architectural design plan

Architectural and Engineering Design

We can help you to find the right architect to design your personalized home.

You can choose from some pre-designed plans or realise your own ideas.

With Izodom New Zealands building elements any angle and therefore any design is possible.

Your ideas and of course your structural engineer are the limit.

Design your multimillion dollar looking house and build it at an affordable price with us.

Talk to us about your project or find an architect
image of house build with Izodom building material

Building your Home

Izodom gives you the flexibility to do as much as you want on your own house building project or ask us for our turn-key solution.

You decide

  • We do the earthwork (as decsribed below) and lay the leveled foundation - or
  • We build the watertight envelop house and you finish it off - or
  • You choose our turn-key house solution. You get the house delivered with all the details you decided.

If you want this to be your one in a lifetime house and want to have everything perfect. We have a team of interior designers who can help you with the finishing touches.

Ask for a quote for your project.
project management and supervision image

Project management and supervision

Let us do the hard work for you.

Give us your design plan and we will handover your keys. It is that simple!

Everything in between like

  • coordination of contractors and their supervision
  • dealing with your coucil's examination and their coordination

will be handled by us to give you peace of mind.

If you don't have the time or the experience, you are in safe hands with us.

We work only with experienced contractors who are reliable and accurate, but you can also suggest your own contractors.

Talk to our experienced project managers

image of preparing building consent

Preparation of Building Consent

Let us do all the paper work for you.

We know what documents your Council needs from you in order to get a building consent for your Izodom house.

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image of a digger preparing the foundation of a new house

Earthworks and site planning

Earth movement, excavation and preparation for the foundation.

Our experienced team makes sure your land is prepared in time for your building project to start.

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